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Why present?

Presenting at an AusIMM conference offers a myriad of opportunities to boost your professional profile in the industry. Contributing brings awareness to researchers, policy makers and the your professional peers of the innovative developments in progress, allowing you to collaborate with other authors, practitioners and specialists to enhance the industry.

Raise your profile

Gain peer recognition and enhance your status as an expert in your field locally, nationally and internationally

Share your knowledge

Profile your research, innovation or thought leadership to advance your profession

Promote your organisation

Focus attention on your field of interest and organisation by raising awareness with delegates, sponsors and media

Make new connections

Network with other presenters and delegates that can lead to new ideas, collaborations and research opportunities

Gain professional development hours

Use the conference speaking platform to develop, grow and share while earning professional development (PD) hours for preparing and presenting a technical paper

Create an impact

Published papers in the conference proceedings provide an opportunity to share your insights and inspire others to find solutions to advance the future of the sector

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