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Workshop: Introduction to Resource Estimation with Seequent

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In this 1-day workshop, we will provide an overview of the key components of the resource estimation cycle and the importance of putting geology at the heart of our resource estimation workflows.

For the course, Leapfrog Edge will be used, allowing resource geologists to combine the visual insights from 3D Leapfrog models with the industry-standard resource estimation tools all in one place.  This course will discuss how to fully integrate your resource estimation workflow with your geological modelling including how to refine or add data at any stage and how these changes flow downstream.

This workshop is for mining and resource geologists who are already involved in developing resource estimates and who wish to gain deeper insights into the estimation process.

This workshop includes a series of theoretical presentations and group discussions on the key aspects of estimation including statistical data analysis, domaining, variography, estimation, validation and classification. These subjects will be interspersed with examples using Leapfrog Edge.

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