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Discover the leadership skills of the future at New Leaders 2021

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It’s important to discover your leadership style in the early stages of your career. After developing skills and a sound understanding of self-confidence in leadership, Session 2 will tackle leadership growth and development with entrepreneur, bestselling author and founder of The Guinea Group of Companies, Anton Guinea (pictured).


Anton’s session will take delegates through what it takes to be a leader in 2021 and beyond. Delegates will also have the opportunity to participate in self reflection and a leadership assessment activity to determine their leadership skill set, along with tactics to treat leadership like an Ironman Triathlon.

Leadership incorporates many high-level skills: the ability to communicate a vision, adapt to multiple personalities, manage conflict and motivate a team. Leadership in the future will require a new set of skills to build effectiveness and inspire those you work with. During this session, Anton will lead discussion on what you want to achieve as a leader in the mining industry and ways you can improve your skills, behaviours and implement your newfound knowledge back into your work and personal life.

Find out how to develop your leadership skills and grow in the sector at New Leaders 2021, held on September 28-29 in Brisbane and online. Other topics explored throughout the conference include diversity and inclusion, social and environmental impacts, safety leadership and mental health, and technology and innovation.

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