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Society of Mining Professors

Call for abstracts

Society of Mining Professors

Call for abstracts

Abstract submissions open

The conference committee invites abstract submissions for presentation at the 34th Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Society of Mining Professors, to be held in Sydney, Australia from 5—11 September, 2024.

Key dates for Abstracts

4 February 2024: Abstract submission deadline

18 March 2024: Acceptance of abstracts

3 June 2024: Submission of papers or extended abstracts

5—11 September 2024: Dates of the 34th Annual General Meeting and Conference

Conference themes

The Conference Organising Committee are seeking abstract submissions relating to the following conference themes:
  • Digital transformation
  • Smart mining
  • Electrification and automation
  • Energy storage solutions
  • Critical minerals applications/substitutions
  • Recent trends, challenges, and opportunities
  • Workforce evolution
  • Attracting talents
  • Future curriculum ideas
  • Mining awareness and cultural considerations
  • Industry collaborations
  • Recent trends, challenges and opportunities
  • Sustainability and improved ESG
  • Achieving decarbonisation and net-zero
  • Zero-entry mining
  • Invisible mining
  • Showcase of industry applications
  • Expanding the horizon: The future of diversity in mining
  • Integrating diverse voices in policy-making and strategy
  • Social integration of mining communities
  • The gender gap in mining: addressing systemic barriers
  • Bridging generational boundaries
  • Community engagement and collaboration
  • Developing countries challenges
  • Mining the global talent pool
  • Working with multicultural workforce
  • Women in mining: pioneers, leaders, and the future
  • Disabled miners: accessibility and empowerment
  • Inclusive mining in the digital age
  • Tech solutions for inclusive mining operations
  • Age diversity, combining traditional wisdom with modern insights

Share your expertise

Submit an abstract before 4 February 2024. Abstracts are being managed by UNSW and are submitted via email to

Author resources

AusIMM Guide to Authors

A detailed guide outlining the formatting policy for conference proceeding papers.

Abstract template

Please use this template to submit an abstract to an AusIMM conference.

Paper template

Please use this template to submit a paper to an AusIMM conference.

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