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Society of Mining Professors

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Society of Mining Professors

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Abstract submissions are now closed

The 34th Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Society of Mining Professors is to be held in Sydney, Australia from 5—11 September, 2024.

Key dates for Abstracts

4 February 2024: Abstract submission deadline

18 March 2024: Acceptance of abstracts

3 June 2024: Submission of papers or extended abstracts

5—11 September 2024: Dates of the 34th Annual General Meeting and Conference

Conference themes

The Conference Organising Committee are seeking abstract submissions relating to the following conference themes:
  • Digital transformation
  • Smart mining
  • Electrification and automation
  • Energy storage solutions
  • Critical minerals applications/substitutions
  • Recent trends, challenges, and opportunities
  • Workforce evolution
  • Attracting talents
  • Future curriculum ideas
  • Mining awareness and cultural considerations
  • Industry collaborations
  • Recent trends, challenges and opportunities
  • Sustainability and improved ESG
  • Achieving decarbonisation and net-zero
  • Zero-entry mining
  • Invisible mining
  • Showcase of industry applications
  • Expanding the horizon: The future of diversity in mining
  • Integrating diverse voices in policy-making and strategy
  • Social integration of mining communities
  • The gender gap in mining: addressing systemic barriers
  • Bridging generational boundaries
  • Community engagement and collaboration
  • Developing countries challenges
  • Mining the global talent pool
  • Working with multicultural workforce
  • Women in mining: pioneers, leaders, and the future
  • Disabled miners: accessibility and empowerment
  • Inclusive mining in the digital age
  • Tech solutions for inclusive mining operations
  • Age diversity, combining traditional wisdom with modern insights

Join us in Sydney, 5—11 September 2024

The 34th Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Society of Mining Professors

Online Abstract Submission

The conference committee invites abstract submissions for presentation.

The conference will be an in-person event only to encourage personal interaction of authors and delegates; however, all presentations will be recorded for viewing post-conference.

Presenting authors are required to register, pay and attend the conference. Recorded and live-streamed presentations are not permitted in the technical program.

Submissions will be subject to peer review, then accepted or declined by the Conference Organising Committee. The selection criteria includes: relevance to the conference theme, originality, significance of the contribution and quality of presentation.

Authors of accepted abstracts can subsequently submit extended abstracts or full papers, with revisions provided by peer review from the Conference Organising Committee. Poster presentations are not required to submit a full paper.


Abstracts must be submitted as a PDF document only using the specific format as per the abstract template. Abstracts for the Society of Mining Professors 34th Annual General Meeting and Conference should be sent via email to

The Committee may, if necessary, limit the number of presentations per author. Submission of abstracts implies the author’s agreement to publish their abstract on the event website. Authors must arrange and pay their own accommodation, travel and expenses to attend the event.

Once the abstract submission deadline has passed, the organising committee will review all submitted abstracts. Authors will then be notified whether or not the abstract has been accepted for the next stage, and the requirements around the next stage of submission.

All enquiries should be directed to:

  • Abstracts must be a minimum of 250 words, and a maximum of 300 words
  • Abstracts must be submitted in Arial 11-point font
  • The abstract title must be typed in Arial 14 point, bold and centred font
  • The presenting author/s name/s must be underlined
  • All author details, post nominals and affiliations must be included
  • All author email address must be included
  • Authors may include a maximum of five keywords sufficient to highlight the relevant topics to be addressed in the paper
  • Abstracts must be text only – graphics, images or graphs should not be included

Author resources

AusIMM Guide to Authors

A detailed guide outlining the formatting policy for conference proceeding papers.

Abstract template

Please use this template to submit an abstract to an AusIMM conference.

Paper template

Please use this template to submit a paper to an AusIMM conference.

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