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Series background

Series background

Held annually since 2018, AusIMM’s Thought Leadership Series (TLS) is a renowned series of annual events that explore the pivotal themes shaping the future of the resources sector. 

Now in its seventh year, the Series offers a unique platform to bring together industry leaders, mining executives, governments and resources professionals to explore global issues, exchange ideas and foster the thought-leadership that drives innovation and transformation. 

TLS 2024

In 2024, the Thought Leadership Series will again be delivered as a Series of in-person events, hosted by Signature Partner PwC, at stunning venues across Australia. These live events will be recorded, forming a comprehensive Online Series accessible to a broader online global audience and further complimented by our TLS Xtra engaging social media reels.

Throughout the Series, our esteemed panellists and thought-leaders will delve into emerging trends and insights on key topics impacting the resources industry. They will emphasise the pivotal role that resources professionals play as the catalysts for building a more diverse, resilient and responsible sector.

Join us as we navigate the future landscape of the resources industry, together.

2023 Series

The 2023 theme Sustainable Mining: Shifting the Paradigm recognises that the resources sector is committed to change but with increasing external pressures, the required pace and breadth of that change will be unprecedented. What does a transition to a sustainable mining industry mean for companies, suppliers, and resources professionals? How can the sector adapt to meet the increasing demands of society and what role will it play in the future of the communities where it operates?

The online Limited Series focused on four strategic topics, exploring what the future of the resources sector might look like and what must happen to get there.

2022 Series

In 2022, the Series explored five strategic topics that were vital to secure the industry’s future. Topics included Indigenous voices, technology and decarbonisation, and the future workforce.

COVID served as a powerful reminder to the resources sector’s that we have a vital role in underpinning economic resilience, employment and investment. While the industry has adapted to life post lock downs, the operating and strategic environment for mining only grows more complex.   

In a constantly evolving environment, resources professionals are the essential drivers of change to support the growth of a diverse, resilient and responsible resources sector. 

2021 Series

In 2021 AusIMM's Thought Leadership Series was delivered as four, thought-provoking online presentations.

Focusing on the theme of Next Generation Mining, the series explored some of the critical challenges and opportunities facing current and future leaders, driving towards a sustainable and robust industry where Australia plays a key role in the global geopolitical landscape.

We showcased some of the best and most enquiring minds in our industry and worked with valued partners PwC, Ausenco, Bloomberg NEF, Fortescue, Metallurgical Systems, Mets Ignited, and Rio Tinto to deliver another successful Series.

2020 Series

AusIMM’s Thought Leadership Series 2020 was held as a virtual event.

Showcasing world-class presenters across five separate virtual presentations, the online Thought Leadership Series provided the opportunity to hear from some of the biggest names in our industry addressing the future frontiers in technology, social value, cyber security, investment, space mining, and reviewing the global trends for the mining industry in 2020.

Our valued partners included PwC, Dassault Systemes, Mets Ignited, Rio Tinto, Impactful Presenters, UNSW Sydney, Ausenco and Epiroc.

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