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Speaker Spotlight: Gary Zamel

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In the lead up to our Underground Operators 2021 conference, we interviewed keynote speaker Gary Zamel FAusIMM, Executive Chairman, CommChain Pty Ltd to offer insights in his presentation and key issues relating to the industry.

Q. What message would you like to highlight to the delegates at this upcoming Conference? What do you hope will be the main take away from your keynote presentation?


  • Leadership in Mining Innovation is critical for a successful future across safety, productivity and sustainability in Mining.
  • The Industry is required to support and promote the fact that METS groups take commercial risk to commit to R&D and commercialisation for next generational technologies to drive productivity and safety. METS companies on their own won’t achieve the required results. Education in technology commercialisation needs to be sponsored by the Mining Industry if results are to drive required level of success.
  • Inspiring young engineers to take up the challenge to invest time and effort into understanding technology from other Industries that can migrate and customise into Mining. We don’t want to keep reinventing.


Q. Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews, said Australia is leading the way in blockchain technology and needs to seize this great opportunity. How should we ensure we stay at the forefront of this?


  • Mining companies need to trial and pilot blockchain initiatives and review what is on offer from a position of knowledge and understanding.
  • Provide Government assistance in the way other nations like Singapore and Israel are committing to next gen AI and blockchain.
  • It won’t happen unless we work in a collaborative manner. Government stands to build larger royalty streams from these innovations so they need to play a role to help drive industry productivity.


Q. You have established a number of successful technology start-up companies. What do you think is most important aspect for success in the start-up space?


  • Persistence, patience and perseverance
  • Think globally from the kick off
  • Bring talent into the team that creates a culture of innovation
  • Make sure you have the capacity to fund or raise funds from the right sources that will go the journey

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