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Keynote speaker

Keynote speaker

Gary Zamel

Gary Zamel


Executive Chairman, CommChain Pty Ltd

Making a career in mining innovation to deliver benefits to national prosperity

Gary Zamel, was the Founder & Director of both MST Global P/L in 1989 and Jellinbah Resources Pty Ltd PCI Coal operations in Qld in 1988 . Zamel has been a private equity investor in technology, mining and industrial ventures for over 30 years as well as many NFP organisations.

Zamel established a number of successful technology start-up companies including Pacific Tunnelling , Park Assist , Group Homes Australia , Benthic Geotech , Nubian Water Systems & Wikistrat & Ringwood Superabrasives.

He currently serves as an Founder & Executive Chairman of CommChain P/L & New Medtek Devices P/L.

He is also a Director of the NFP Outcomes Australia.

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