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Keynote speaker

Keynote speaker

Knut Garshol

Knut Garshol

Rock Engineering Consultant, Sweden

Driving of tunnels with complete groundwater control and execution of combined immediate and permanent support using shotcrete and bolts

50 years of experience from underground construction (tunnelling and mining):

From May 2015, the owner and President of K. Garshol Rock Engineering Ltd, involved with customers in China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, Qatar, Iceland and Scandinavia. Before that, 5 years supervision of grouting for the HATS2A project in Hong Kong, which had last breakthrough in the 20 km sub-sea tunnel at 150 m below sea level at the end of September 2014. K. Garshol worked his first 13 years for a tunnelling contractor in Norway covering about 200 km of tunnel excavation, mostly for hydro power.

Next, CEO and Partner for specialist contractor (Resconsult AS, 4 years) and then CEO for geo-consulting company Dr O.T. Blindheim (4 years). Then came design control and construction supervision for several million m3 of cavern excavation in Saudi Arabia (another 4 years). After this, he worked 15 years for BASF Underground Construction in management and technical sales; main assignment as Director for Latin America.

Achievements: – Responsible for support design and supervision during crossing of the regional shear zone in the Oslo Tunnel (twin 100 m2 highway tunnel) with 3 m of “rock” cover at 45 bsl and under the harbour, with open face excavation in one tube and ground freezing in the other. – Problem solving participation at the Arrowhead East Project in California using colloidal silica grouting. – Animateur of ITA Working Group 12, Shotcrete (6 years). – Two grouting related papers received awards (one in the USA and one in Hong Kong). – Hand Book on pre-excavation grouting in hard rock tunnelling, distributed internationally in 3 editions.

A long list of published papers and conference presentations on all continents.

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