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The Uranium Digital Conference 2021 call for abstracts is now open

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We are delighted to open the call for abstracts for the International Uranium Digital Conference 2021.

We are calling on professionals to share their research and perspectives on the uranium and nuclear industry. In 2021 the conference will not only focus on uranium exploration and mining, but will also explore uranium investment and its uses in medicine and nuclear energy.

We welcome submissions on the following topics;

  • Innovative exploration and mining
    • New techniques/technologies for exploration.
    • Operations and new projects – national and international.
    • Mining, processing and transport.
    • Environmental management and remediation
  • Uranium/Nuclear industry
    • Medicine – Nuclear medicine and use of radioisotopes.
    • Nuclear reactors – Practicality of small nuclear reactors.
    • Power plants – Emphasis on how nuclear power is used.
    • Rare Earths and uranium
    • Waste management
    • Enrichment
  • Uranium Production and Investment
    • Market/economics – forecast of uranium price, production (supply) and demand
    • Risks and rewards
    • Price primary producers need
  • EPA policies, application and enforcement in the industry
    • Environmental factors
  • Government and community relations
    • Engagement, education, communication, and governance
    • Native Title

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