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Confirmed presenter

Confirmed presenter


Mark Maley

Senior Hydrometallurgist, ANSTO Minerals

Mark Maley holds BSc. (Hons) and PhD. degrees in Applied Chemistry from Curtin University, Perth. He has over 15 years experience in the area of hydrometallurgy, previously holding positions with CSIRO Minerals and BHP Billiton Global Technology in copper and nickel hydrometallurgy, specialising in the leaching of base metal ores, particularly bacterial and oxidative leaching of sulphides as well as the processing of nickel laterites.

Mark is currently employed at ANSTO Minerals in the position of Senior Hydrometallurgist, a role has held for the past 12 years. His work at ANSTO has primarily involved consulting work for both junior and established mining companies in the area of uranium hydrometallurgy, including leaching studies, Resin-In-Leach / Resin-In-Pulp, ion exchange, solvent extraction, beneficiation, solid/liquid separation and uranium precipitation. He has also worked on projects related to the hydrometallurgical processing of ores containing naturally occurring radioactive material, as well as in rare earths.

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