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powered by UNSW Sydney

Specialist Technical Masterclass Series

powered by UNSW Sydney

Specialist Technical Masterclass Series

Specialist Technical Masterclass Series powered by UNSW Sydney

AusIMM’s Specialist Technical Masterclass Series, powered by UNSW Sydney, are a series of  high-impact technical masterclasses exploring the latest insights into critical technical topics, in a convenient, succinct format.

Join UNSW's team of leading experts as they share the latest insights, advances and practical case studies across a range of industry-critical technical topics.

Delivered in collaboration with AusIMM’s Education Partner, UNSW Sydney.


Explore courses within the series:

Advances in Rock Mechanics Masterclass

Explore the latest rock engineering research and field applications underpinned by fundamentals and practical aspects of rock mechanics in mining

Mine Internet of Things

Navigate and leverage the safety, operational and productivity benefits of mine automation and digitisation by understanding the fundamentals of Mine Internet of Things (MIoT)

Uranium Mining Overview

Explore uranium mining and gain the skills to understand and critically review uranium mining practices

Why learn with AusIMM Courses?

Practical knowledge

Gain practical knowledge and skills that you can apply immediately to help your projects succeed – and your career soar.

Industry-led insights

AusIMM Courses are developed and delivered by experts actively working in the field, ensuring you learn the latest and most industry-relevant insights, systems and processes.

Digital credentials

With AusIMM Courses digital credentials, you can showcase and validate your new skills in a format that employers and colleagues can easily access and trust.

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