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Professional Certificate

Geophysics for Mining Professionals

Course commences 24 June 2024

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Professional Certificate

Geophysics for Mining Professionals

Course commences 24 June 2024

PD Hours
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Learn and apply geophysical concepts, methods, and industry practices to deliver meaningful results and value to mining projects


Quick facts

Duration Delivery Course Type NEXT Intake PD Hours Language
40 hours 
8 weeks
100% online
24 June 2024
Up to 40

What is Geophysics?

Geophysics is the study of Earth's subsurface using physics. It employs techniques like electrical and magnetic measurements to create detailed images without physically digging. This data is then confirmed with traditional methods like boreholes for accuracy.

Why Geophysics?

Geophysics offers several advantages:

  • Reduced Risk: By collecting vast amounts of subsurface data, geophysics helps reduce risks associated with mining projects.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: It saves time and money compared to traditional methods by gathering more data in less time.
  • Targeted Exploration: Geophysical surveys can be tailored to specific project needs, like finding water tables or determining subsurface density.
  • Valuable for Professionals: A basic understanding of geophysics is valuable for various professionals like geologists, engineers, and project managers.

This course provides a strong foundation in geophysics, equipping you to interpret data, formulate plans, and contribute effectively to mining projects.

Course overview

Gain a solid understanding of geophysical concepts to help you better prepare statement of works, obtain quotes, interpret geophysics reports and work with geophysicists. 

Whether you're a design engineer or project manager, this detailed introduction to geophysics will enable you to understand, apply and harness geophysics for mining and infrastructure projects, as well as communicate confidently with other industry geophysicists.

Over 8 weeks, the course introduces participants to geophysical concepts, methods, and industry practices, combined with an in-depth analysis of real-world applications supported by industry case studies. Learn current methods and how to apply them; and explore an introduction into data interpretation with respect to their aim.

AusIMM’s Geophysics for Mining Professionals Professional Certificate allows participants to gain more value from geophysical applications. The course has been designed to clarify confusion and provide practical skills that can be immediately applied. This is especially relevant for applications where conventional physical methods such as drilling are not providing adequate or detailed subsurface information; for planning purposes; engineering design inputs; tailings storage facility construction; or future life of mine planning.

This course is especially well suited to roles that may touch upon geophysics, such as those who:

  • Coordinate a job site
  • Prepare statement of works
  • Obtain quotes
  • Work with geophysicists
  • Interpret geophysics reports
  • Project managers
  • Construction engineers
  • Design engineers

With few academic opportunities to learn about geophysics, this online course offers a convenient way to meet the industry’s need for educated staff in this poorly understood but business-critical field by exploring topics like:

  • Overview and history of geophysics
  • Theory of commonly used geophysical methods
  • Scientific interpretation
  • Industry applications

Broaden your knowledge and advance your career, while also gaining skills to avoid outsourcing, or to better interact with external geophysics professionals.  

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Geophysics for Mining Professionals course overview

Aaron Tomkins, Principal Geoscientist, GBG Group has an in-depth experience in Geology, and Geophysics within Mining, Geotechnical, and Oil and Gas sectors since 2012. He explains what participants can expect from the Geophysics for Mining Professionals Certificate Course.


Enrolments now open

Course commences 24 June 2024

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Limited seats remaining!

Who should attend?

Geologists, engineering geologists, project engineers, project managers, designers, earth science professionals, and mining professionals with an interest in earth sciences.

This course is also beneficial to roles that touch upon geophysics, such as when preparing statement of works or obtaining quotes, but don't have foundational knowledge of geophysics concepts and practices.

- Give yourself the skills to address industry in this critical field
- Solidify your understanding of geophysics concepts to drive value
- Broaden your knowledge to do more with your role
- Expand your career possibilities

Learning objectives

  • Explain the basis of geophysics and its use in industry
  • Design basic gravity, magnetics and electromagnetics survey methods for theoretical scenarios
  • Design basic electrical, seismic and ground penetrating radar survey methods for theoretical scenarios
  • Describe geophysical workflows and practice interpreting data
  • Observe reports and report structure and language, analyse information and synthesise data into a conceptual site model in written form
  • Consider case studies and practise interpretations and reporting
  • Evaluate projects and provide an in-depth justification for the use of geophysics in industry
  • Interpret and annotate drawings from a multiple method survey and write an interpretive report

Course structure

The eight-week course consists of six modules over six weeks, with a final two weeks to complete written assessments. Each module consists of:

  • Weekly live virtual classroom (with replay available)
  • Interactive learning activities and discussion
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Additional materials, including case studies and videos

The written assessment requires participants to complete short answer questions that address the content presented in each module.

Free template

Business case to attend

Getting approval to undertake a course can sometimes be a challenge. To assist you in putting together a compelling business case to your manager, we have prepared an email template. It’s easy to use – just copy, fill in the blanks and email to your manager.

Module 1

Introduction to Geophysics

Virtual classroom
Wednesday 26 June
11.00am-12.00pm AEST

Module 2

Geophysical Theory Part 1 (Potential Methods)

Virtual classroom
Wednesday 3 July
11.00am-12.00pm AEST

Module 3

Geophysical Theory Part 2 (Seismic Methods)

Virtual classroom
Wednesday 10 July
11.00am-12.00pm AEST

Module 4

The Geophysical Workflow and Interpreting Data

Virtual classroom
Wednesday 17 July
11.00am-12.00pm AEST

Module 5

Geophysical Reporting and Interpreting Data in Written Form

Virtual classroom
Wednesday 24 July
11.00am-12.00pm AEST

Module 6

Industry Case Studies

Q&A Session
Wednesday 31 July
11.00am-11.30pm AEST

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Professional Certificate in Geophysics for Mining Professionals

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Your badge links to a detailed outline of the course, showcasing and validating your new skills in a format that employers and colleagues can easily access and trust. You can also choose to download a personalised certificate.


Aaron Tomkins

Principal Geoscientist, GBG Group
Aaron graduated with a B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Macquarie University and has been working within the Geoscience sector since 2012. Aaron has experienced a varied career, gaining in-depth experience in Geology, and Geophysics within Mining, Geotechnical, and Oil and Gas sectors.

Aaron is currently involved in worldwide operations and leads large-scale programs for mining, energy, and infrastructure programs, with an in-depth focus on projects within the Tailings Dam infrastructure space and projects in PNG. Respected for his expertise and experience, Aaron has presented multiple near surface geophysical papers on the benefits of implementing new methods within extreme near mine environments and in remote areas.

Mark Lackie

Mark graduated with Honours in Geophysics from Melbourne University in the early 80’s. He completed a PhD in Geophysics at Macquarie University in the late 80’s. Mark worked at the CSIRO for half a decade before switching to academia where he spent 26 years producing the next generation of geophysicists. Mark retired in 2020 from teaching and is now Editor-in-Charge of the Journal “Exploration Geophysics”.

Taylor Willick

Operations Manager (East Coast) | Senior Geophysicist, GBG Group
Taylor graduated with a B.Sc. in Geophysics and Geology form Macquarie university in 2013. Taylor started his career in Mineral Exploration for 2 years before moving into the geotechnical geophysics space. Over the past 8 years he has gained a broad range of experience in numerous methodologies, both land and marine, and their applications in various sectors in the Asia Pacific region.

Enrolments now open

Course commences 24 June 2024

Enrol now

ic_round-star.png ic_round-star.png ic_round-star.png ic_round-star.png AusIMM courses rated 4.9/5 (4.5k+ reviews) by past participants

Frequently asked questions

The course will be run entirely online via a cloud-based platform which can be accessed via computer, tablet or phone. Participants will simply need to have a working Internet connection and a computer, tablet or phone with sound to access the course. They will not be required to download any software and will not require any hardware like a webcam or microphone.

The entire course will run over eight weeks (six modules over six weeks plus another two weeks to finish the final assignment). It is expected that participants will take about 40 hours to finish the entire course. This includes attendance at live virtual classrooms and completion of all learning activities.

Yes, it is a requirement for participants to complete all modules and pass all learning activities, including the final assessment. A digital credential will be awarded upon successful completion.

Terms and Conditions

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Privacy Collection Statement

AusIMM Course Privacy Collection Statement

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Geophysical methods for mining investigations

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