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Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

Advancing diversity and inclusion in mining

Industry experts provide practical advice and useful resources to assist employers, employees and the broader mining sector to foster a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Welcome from Sara Prendergast, Chair, AusIMM Council for Diversity and Inclusion

As the Trusted Voice for people in resources, AusIMM strives to advance innovative, efficient and sustainable practices across the sector.

A sustainable resources industry relies on welcoming a diverse range of talent into our professions, reflective of the communities in which we live and work, and supporting all people in resources to reach their full potential.

Diverse skills, experience and perspectives allow us, as people working across the sector, to be successful. This sort of diversity demands inclusion. Inclusion is about creating the right environment, with the right culture and leadership. This is about creating safe physical and psychological spaces that allow people to bring the best and most authentic version of themselves to work. I look forward to seeing our industry becoming as curious and committed to psychological safety as physical safety.

On this page we provide inspiration, resources and guidance on advancing diversity and inclusion in your personal and professional lives.

This is the core purpose of AusIMM: equipping our professional community with everything they need to advance the resources sector for the benefit of all.


AusIMM and Pride Professionals commit to a diverse and inclusive sector

AusIMM has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Pride Professionals, who provide support for gender and sexually diverse professionals working across Australia, including in the resources sector.


A conversation with Florence Drummond

Last year, the AusIMM Bulletin sat down with Florence Drummond, co-founder of Indigenous Women in Mining and Resources Australia (IWIMRA).

Florence shared her story and spoke about how she is helping to build connections and create conversations that showcase Indigenous involvement in the mining sector.

AusIMM Women in Mining Survey 2020 snapshot

AusIMM’s annual Women in Mining Survey provides data, analysis and insights on women’s participation in the resources sector, with a focus on the Australasian region.


The graph below gives a snapshot of respondent’s feedback on the most important areas to focus on to improve diversity and inclusion in the sector.

The full 2020 Women in Mining Survey report offers industry, governments and professionals an evidence base upon which to build future efforts to continue creating a welcoming, inclusive environment for all women in resources.

Read the full report

To improve diversity and inclusion, the most important areas indicated were:


Championing real progress

AusIMM’s 2020 International Women’s Day Event Series brought together mining executives, industry leaders, technical and business professionals, government and media to champion real progress for diversity and inclusion in the resources sector.

In this video filmed especially for the series, leaders from our partner organisations share their thoughts on the importance of diversity and inclusion in creating stronger, more successful and sustainable businesses.


Discussing diversity with Helena Hedblom, President and CEO, Epiroc AB

As an AusIMM partner, we are pleased to share Epiroc’s video of Helena Hedblom discussing her vision for making her organisation a more diverse company, reflecting the society its employees operate in.

Helena also discusses how Epiroc’s equal opportunities vision is helping to support employees to take on new opportunities within the company.

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