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Guidelines for Technical Economic Evaluation of Minerals Industry Projects

Mining Society
· 153 words, 2 minute read

The standards and practices employed in the process of evaluating projects, the application of economic-styled valuation techniques and, by implication, the spreadsheet modelling protocols applied, are an area which has been of concern to members of AusIMM and the industry generally. 

Consequently, AusIMM has undertaken to assist the mining industry in establishing standards and practices for the technical economic evaluation of mines, projects, processes and businesses. The AusIMM Guidelines for Technical Economic Evaluation of Minerals Industry Projects represents a collation of sound practices that competent practitioners in economic evaluation have come to over the years, and cover what is considered good practice in both spreadsheet modelling and technical economic evaluation.

The document thus includes a section specifically on ‘Guidelines for Spreadsheet Modelling’ as well as ‘Guidelines for Technical Evaluation’. Appendices provide worked examples and a brief introduction to discount rates for the information of technical analysts who do not have financial training. Access the guidelines here.

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