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AusIMM International Representatives Call for Applications

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As part of our commitment to better support our international membership, we are seeking applications from interested members to be AusIMM International Representatives in key locations around the world. Our aim is to:  

  1. Promote Australian codes and standards
  2. Grow and support AusIMM’s international membership
  3. Position AusIMM as a leader in the international mining community and connect with key stakeholders
Responsibilities for an AusIMM International Representative:

The initial responsibility of an AusIMM International Representative will be to engage with local members and lead the development of local networking and professional development events. Applications will be reviewed by AusIMM’s Head of Strategy, Growth & Innovation and Chair of the AusIMM International Advisory Forum. 

The Representative, with the support of AusIMM, will be required to:
  • Be the main point of contact for AusIMM activities in that country
  • Provide advice on local mining industry updates, regulations, projects and news for inclusion in AusIMM regional overseas e-newsletters and for AusIMM to meet its international strategic objectives
  • Collaborate with the AusIMM Management Team to deliver events and initiatives for local members
  • Represent AusIMM at relevant local functions, events and meetings
  • Be first point of contact for new members in the country
  • Be the local point of contact for industry partners (if necessary)

Selection process:
  • Submit an online application using this link: Click here
Applicants must:
  • Be a current financial member of AusIMM
  • Currently reside in the country where they will be undertaking their responsibilities as an AusIMM International Representative
  • Submit an application before 31 May 2021

We currently have International Representatives in the United Kingdom, Beijing, Hong Kong, Brazil, Indonesia, Mauritania and Singapore. Interested members from these countries will be put in touch with our existing Representatives to discuss local collaboration opportunities.

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