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Consultants Society Newsletter - June 2021

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Note from the Consultants Society Chair

John Dunlop FAusIMM(CP)

Following on from our most recent projects – the Consultant’s Handbook webinars and involvement in AusIMM’s Social Responsibility Framework, and upcoming ESG forum and training course, I bring news of our next project.

This will be focused on feasibility studies – at all of the stages we all recognise – as set out in the JORC Code and several AusIMM handbooks.

The aim is to roll out, in phases, Guidelines for Feasibility Studies and an associated Feasibility Study training course, similarly structured to the JORC and VALMIN courses, which have been a great success already. We are aiming to deliver both these elements before the end of this year. Later phases will depend on how far it is decided that the Guidelines be formalised or expanded in some way.

The proposal for the project is currently going through the Policy & Advocacy Committee, but in the meantime, the training course is being organised under a Consultants Society team led by Paul Harper, with the assistance of the AusIMM Online Courses team, who have successfully developed other courses on JORC and VALMIN.

Hopefully, we can bring you more information about this much needed addition to our policy area in our next newsletter.

Activating your AusIMM website account and being added to the Consultants Directory

A reminder that eligible AusIMM Chartered Professional members can be listed in the Consultants Directory. Briefly, the steps for eligible members are as follows:

  1. Go to your Dashboard > My Details > Member Profile
  2. Check ‘Include me in the Consultants Directory’.

You can also include additional information to your member profile as follows:

  1. Go to your Dashboard > My Details > Member Profile
  2. Check ‘Include additional information on my member profile’
  3. Add information to the desired fields (LinkedIn, Twitter, professional bio and company overview fields are available).

BPEQ Article: Automatic Mutual Recognition

This article explores the proposed Automatic Mutual Recognition scheme for engineers agreed to by governments in August 2020. This is an excerpt from the Board of Professional Engineers Queensland BPEQ E-news Issue 75 February 2021 and is republished with permission.

Read the article: Automatic mutual recognition for engineers

Watch Consultants Society webinars

Members can view recent webinars from the Consultants Society via the AusIMM Digital Library.

Consultants Society - Webinar: Business Operations

Consultants Society - Webinar: Consulting Practice

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