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Metallurgical Society August 2022 News Update

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Dear Metallurgical Society,

As winter takes its hold and snow falls in many parts of our beautiful country, I am taking time to reflect on the achievements of the past few years. We have made it through a global pandemic, which has enhanced our ability to use all forms of online communications. MetSoc now has collaborative webinars with other international societies, unimaginable a few years ago, but thanks to stubborn determination (and Stuart Nichol), this is now a successful reality.

The value of being able to come together is only truly realised when it's absent. MetFest events constantly sell out, highlighting the very human need of being able to interact face-to-face.

The Delprat Lecture is still a pinnacle event in the calendars of many branches around the country.

We continue to strive to deliver an updated, relevant interactive MetSoc Toolbox. Although my idea of a Wiki style set up was far too radical, I am hopeful that what will eventually be delivered is a user friendly (mobile friendly) app-based system full of useful calculators and links.

Finally, and still a work in progress, is a MetSoc Alban Lynch student award, that I hope to launch this year. Keep a lookout for updates on that one!

Why all this reflection? Well, I am pleased to announce that a transition to a new Chair is taking place. Virginia Lawson will be taking over from me as Chair, with Stuart Nichol taking on the roll as Deputy Chair.

The committee remains strong, with Iain Goode as Treasurer, Diana Felipe as Delprat coordinator and Dan Schwann taking on the MetSoc Toolbox while Maedeh is on Maternity leave (all the best and good luck Maedeh). I will move into the role of Immediate Past Chair.

As always, if you have an issue you wish to discuss you are welcome to contact any member of the committee.

I look forward to seeing you soon, our next big event will be the NSW MetFest in Parkes... follow this link for details.

Bianca Newcombe

Current MetSoc committee members
Amanda Rice
Andrew Hoyle
Bianca Newcombe
Chris Bucknell
Chris Gianatti
Damian Connelly
Daniel Schwann
Diana Felipe
Iain Goode
Maedeh Tayebi-Khorami
Stuart Nichol
Virginia Lawson


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