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New Zealand Branch - Website Overhaul

New Zealand Branch
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Close to a year ago now, the committee agreed to overhaul the long-standing NZ Branch website. The content and look of the website were dated and the decision to refresh it followed a long gestation involving several previous committees. We are pleased to advise that the old NZ Branch website has been completely renovated and is now live and can be accessed via

The site has a new look and feel, but preserves much of the information contained on the old site, albeit in a more succinct version. Some historic information has been taken offline and is linked to summaries, which will continue to be refined over the coming months.

Please note that the latest branch news and membership enquiries are linked to the NZ Branch Community of Interest (COI) webpage on the AusIMM website. But NZ specific events, scholarships, awards, publications, NZ resources links and committee contact details have dedicated pages on the refreshed Branch website.

The refreshed website will be updated from time to time, and we encourage you to email us with your feedback and suggestions.

Ultimately we expect to fully transition our content to an expanded NZ Branch COI webpage on the main AusIMM website. However, for this to occur, it will have to cater for the particular needs of our branch and that will take time.

Happy browsing!

Thanks and regards,

Dean and Kristy

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