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Note from the Consultants Society Chair - September 2021

John Dunlop FAusIMM(CP) Chair, AusIMM Consultants Society
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Greetings, ConSoc members!  Earlier this year I outlined the ConSoc plans for the year.  The main headings were:

  • Strategy: to be a mouthpiece for minerals consultants and facilitate and add value to their professional activities;
  • Business Plan: various tasks including enhancing our section within the new AusIMM website; running Consultant’s Handbook webinars, improving the Consultant’s Directory (a reminder to all members to update their profile – including uploading a photo – for the Member Directory and Consultants Directory. Find out more here); improving the newsletter; liaising with other societies; continuing our involvement in the Environmental & Social Governance working group and working on improved guidelines for feasibility studies.
  • Implementation: each committee member has assumed a role directly linked to these activities, plus we will have an eye on emerging issues, such as how we can contribute to the Trusted Voice initiative.

As we move rapidly through the third quarter of another COVID-influenced year, it is timely to look at how we are tracking against our plans. By way of summary, this is where we are positioned:

  • The feasibility study project is progressing
  • Consultant’s Handbook webinars – five to date with one to go
  • ESG-SR forum (partner with Safety & Env. Soc.) locked in for 6 – 7 October
  • Involvement in the JORC Review
  • Update of Mine Manager’s Handbook – in discussion with MinSoc
  • We will be attending this year’s Regional Congress(es).

Financially we are in a sound position. We have royalties coming in from our published Handbook, and sales in 2021 have been assisted by our associated webinars. So we are positioned well to take on our next major project, which is taking shape around feasibility study training and guidelines.

We continue to have representation of the AusIMM’s Policy & Advocacy committee, so we do take part in broader policy formulation- matters within the Institute.

Engineering registration is a still an ongoing work in progress, depending on where you operate. We will keep you updated as this state by state requirement unfolds.

As I said last time, we welcome your contributions and will air any comments you’d like to offer contact our editorial team. 

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