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Notes from the Consultants Society Chair - November 2022

Peter Fairfield, Consultants Society Chair
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Welcome to a long overdue update from the AusIMM Consultants Society, where the following topics will be covered:

  • Objectives/Engagement
  • Member and Consultants Directory Chartered Professional Status
  • Professional Development Courses
  • Chartered Professional Status
  • Congress
  • New Committee Members


The Consultant Society committees’ activities reflect the specific interest of the group and committee members while aiming to deliver to the purpose of the Society. The Consultants Society exists so its members receive recognition as experts in their chosen fields and advance their skills to the highest level.

We welcome and need ideas and active participants to support the committee to make this happen, in your location and/or online.

The Society’s key objective and challenge for 2023 is increasing engagement with AusIMM members, specifically Consultants, to provide tangible support with a specific focus on consulting and encourage networking opportunities to bring people together to share ideas and experiences. 

We are exploring opportunities to create “local” events with specific consulting or technical focus. With support from members we plan to provide a series of videos to share experiences to support consultants and those considering a transition to consulting.

Member and Consultants Directory

At last count there were 3,677 members registered on the Member Directory and 216 on the Consultants Directory.

The Society established the Consultants directory to provide a mechanism to find consultants with particular skill sets and experience.  The directory has had limited take-up and is not functioning for the purpose for which it is intended. I encourage you to consider registering on the Consultants Directory to make it a more effective tool. Make the most of AusIMM's consultants directory

While you are there review your details on the Member directory (

Professional Development

Study Processes for Resource Projects Guidelines

The Study Processes for Resource Projects course, developed as an initiative in 2021-22 was presented twice during 2022 with plans for a further two intakes during 2023.  As an extension of the Course, a subset of the Committee with support from various members is developing a set of Study Guidelines to support consistency and transparency in the Study Process.

Minerals Consultants Fundamentals Course

John Dunlop is steering preparation of the Minerals Consultants Fundamentals Course, a follow on from the Minerals Consultant’s Handbook seminars 1 – 5, held during 2021 that reference the Minerals Consultants Handbook.  The course will provide emphasis on the more popular topics from the five seminars.

Mine Managers Handbook

I would like to take this opportunity to mention an update, driven by MinSoc, of the AusIMM Monograph 26, the Mine Manager’s Handbook, which appeared as a first edition in 2012, comprising ten chapters, and has not been updated since. 

Anyone interested to know more please contact Kristy Burt via the contact form here.

Chartered Professional Status

Logbook Example

Firstly, we are pleased to advise the launch of a Logbook Example, which was created as an educational resource to provide prospective and current Chartered Professionals with an understanding of how to correctly log entries into the online logbook. The logbook example also demonstrates the level of content the assessors are seeking for CP audits and applications. It is housed on the AusIMM website in two places: your member dashboard (click the ‘Example Logbook’ button above) and also on the Chartered Professional (CP) page under ‘Resources.’

There will be an expectation that all CP auditees and new applicants will read the Logbook Example prior to submitting their documentation for review.

Reminder to update your logbook

A reminder to also please keep your logbook up to date. A random selection of approximately 200 Chartered Professionals are selected each year for an audit on their professional development from the past three years. It is important to stay on top of your professional development, so that you are not caught out should you be contacted for an audit. If you were severely impacted by Covid over the past few years, you may apply for a career break, please refer page 9 of the AusIMM Chartered Professional Program Regulations to understand the criteria and how to apply.


The committee will represent our members at Congress in November.  There have been many forums made available for members to put forward input and ideas to help guide the agenda and discussion.  Defining growth, education, retention, re-engagement and support for diversity and inclusion are some of the topics that have been raised.   

Committee Members

In January the committee welcomes new committee members Sonja Konopa and Mark Faul and thanks departing members, Dale Sims, John Hearne and Michael Clarke for their contributions over the years.

On behalf of the Committee, I would acknowledge their contribution and that of John Dunlop, departing Chair, for his leadership over the past 2 years. 

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