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Sydney Branch - Survey 2021

Sydney branch
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The AusIMM Sydney Branch has not held regular meetings since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020.

A quick survey for some of our regular attendees suggested they would not be inclined to attend virtual meetings and much of the benefit they obtained from meetings was the ability to network with friends, colleagues and peers.

Sydney Branch usually holds a committee meeting followed by a technical event/presentation on the third Wednesday of each month from February to November, each year.  We support the universities in our catchment, which is primarily the University of New South Wales (the Branch membership has in the past tried to engage with the other universities, with limited success to date) and encourage our members to attend the two major events UNSW holds annually - the Mitsubishi Lecture (May) and the Kenneth Finlay Lecture (Sep/Oct).  The AusIMM also provides guest or prominent lecturers, from time to time.

A Committee meeting was held in November 2020 and it was apparent that members were keen to get out and about again.

Another Sydney Branch Committee Meeting was held in mid-February and it was noted that many of the venues where we would normally hold meetings are still not back to pre-COVID operating conditions with no bookings being accepted (AICD) and others are only allowing reduced numbers to gather. 

A suggestion was made to hold only four (4) meetings in 2021 and they be held at EY our principal sponsor (subject to availability) – numbers there are currently limited to 60, but we may also be able to broadcast presentations virtually.

As we are now in a new (and likely highly rapidly changing) paradigm for the foreseeable future, it was decided to conduct a survey of members, to gauge their wants and desires in terms of Branch meetings.

This survey and the results we receive, will likely gel our thoughts re our plans for the Sydney Branch for 2021 and beyond.

I would encourage you to share your thoughts with your Committee, so that we can accommodate your desires and plan accordingly.

Start the Survey now.

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