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Building legacy

Since 1893, AusIMM has been the trusted voice for all people working in the mining industry. We are committed to continuing our 128-year legacy of advocacy and support for our global community.

We have seen significant contributions to the mining industry from our members. AusIMM has been at the forefront of advancing the sector from pioneering days of establishing pyritic smelting, flotation, and gold tellurides treatment through to the latest innovations in technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

When AusIMM was first established, memberships were limited to qualified professionals in technical disciplines such as mining engineering, metallurgy and geology. Almost a century later, memberships were broadened to include professionals with qualifications in non-mining disciplines still connected to the industry. Today, AusIMM embraces all people building a career in the mining industry. AusIMM’s head office was originally located in Broken Hill but soon moved to Melbourne, where it is still home today.

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