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Upholding standards

AusIMM offers accreditation to highly experienced, competent professionals through its Chartered Professional Program. By demonstrating an ongoing commitment to professionalism and continual learning, AusIMM Chartered Professionals are recognised as leading professionals in the resources sector and highly valued by employers, clients, and the global mining community. 

AusIMM also provides an assessment scheme for engineers wanting to become Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland (RPEQ), attracting peer recognition and acknowledgement of competency in core mining disciplines. 

Why become accredited with AusIMM? 

  • Be globally recognised for your technical and professional competence 
  • Demonstrate your commitment to professional standards 
  • Continually expand your knowledge and expertise 
  • Gain a competitive advantage with your experience and leadership 
  • Increase your career opportunities 

AusIMM’s Chartered Professional program

Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland

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