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Mentoring Program 2024

Applications are now closed

Mentoring Program 2024

Applications are now closed

A renowned industry mentoring program that matches Australasian resources professionals — elevating careers through learning and professional development.

About the Mentoring Program

Are you looking for career guidance and direction? Would you like to develop goals with an experienced resources professional who has been where you are now? Or are you an industry leader looking to share your knowledge and help others by becoming a mentor and ‘give back’ to the mining industry?

A mentor provides advice and guidance to their mentee to help them grow, learn, and develop professionally. A mentee’s aim is to gain knowledge through conversations, feedback and instruction. Joining the AusIMM program, a mentee can accelerate their learning and development to reach their full potential and have more control over the direction of their career.

Receiving advice from someone who has been through this process themselves has been amazing. Having them pass on their own experiences and share the steps they took has been invaluable for my professional journey.


I have gained sound career advice. It has taught me the importance of self reflection and how to look at the big picture.


Mentoring helps me better consider my own career definition, as well as supporting someone else to do the same.


It's been a great journey. I have found some one I can talk to about some of the challenges I face and how to overcome them. Having an experienced mentor helps to provide guidance.


I have gone from having vague and irrelevant discussions about geology to having specific discussions about what expectations I have for the future. My mentor has been fantastic and he has made my experience of this program highly enjoyable.


The mentoring structure, where the goal is for the mentee to find their own answers in their own way, has been very helpful. I am applying it to the team members that report to me.


It’s a fantastic initiative to allow development for the mentee and the mentor allowing both to reach out in a safe setting set up by AusIMM.


The AusIMM mentoring program has given me the opportunity to meet great young professionals and learn about how they think, act and interact with the established systems and processes. It has been very insightful.


Participate in AusIMM's 2024 Mentoring Program

Access a life-changing opportunity to elevate your career

Want to Join the Program?


Do you think you can make a difference to someone else’s career? People who make the best mentors are often the ones who say they want to learn – about themselves and about their mentee. A great mentor has the following skills and attributes:

Leadership Skills: Mentoring has so many benefits for the mentor, as well as the mentee, including improving their own communication, leadership skills and increased fulfilment.

Reflection: Mentors can reflect on their own career journey and experience. Mentoring a younger mentee can keep them connected with emerging trends and organisational cultural shifts.

Giving Back: An opportunity to give back to the resources industry and share your experience and knowledge to nurture the next generation of mining leaders.

Sharing: Provide support and encouragement to a mentee sharing fresh perspectives and new ideas. Be a sounding board to listen and advise your mentee.


Finding a mentor is a great step in the right direction to gaining exposure and skills from someone more experienced than you. You want to see growth and success for all your good work and so to guarantee that you get the most out of mentoring, certain qualities will help you make the most of it: What does a great mentee look like?

Openness: A successful mentee approaches their mentor relationship with an open mind. They come ready to learn and grow, taking full advantage of what their mentor has to offer.

Motivated: Mentees are motivated to be purposeful about what they want to achieve and clear that they want to make the most of this opportunity. Mentees should be ‘present’ in the relationship and that they keep up the drive, the organisation and focus.

Respect: Successful mentees respect their mentor’s expertise. This means listening, being willing to take advice, and implementing changes when necessary. Mentees are professional and know that their mentor’s time is voluntary.

Self-Awareness: To maximize your mentorship, mentees take personal responsibility for their actions and recognise areas where improvement is possible. Being exposed to different ways of thinking allows them to make the best use of the advice given by their mentor.

Hear from our past participants

Mentoring Program pricing

Mentee | AusIMM member fee
Price excludes GST.
Mentee | Non-member fee
Price excludes GST.
Mentor involvement is a voluntary commitment

Participation criteria

Graduate Mentee

Designed to support Graduates as they transition into the mining industry or who want to kick-start their career.


  • Currently working in the resources industry as a Graduate
  • Have 3 years or less experience
  • Mentees must formally reside in Australasia
  • Pay the mentee fee (see mentee pricing)
  • Must attend program webinars and complete the training provided.

Pathfinder Mentee

Designed to support resources professionals who have a strong interest in developing their career.


  • Currently working in the resources industry
  • Have more than 3 years’ experience
  • Mentees must formally reside in Australasia
  • Pay the mentee fee (see mentee pricing)
  • Must attend program webinars and complete the training provided.


For people with a desire to support career growth for the next generation of mining professionals.


  • Currently working in the resources industry or recently retired
  • Have worked more than 10 years in the resources sector
  • Mentors must formally reside in Australasia
  • Must attend program webinars and complete the training provided.

Key information and FAQs

Mentees can access our email template that will support your request to ask your employer to fund your position in the 2024 Mentoring Program. Download our template now. It's easy to use — just copy, fill in the blanks and email to your manager.

  • Member: $1,000 (exc GST)
  • Non-member: $1,500 (exc GST)

Not already an AusIMM member? Click here to join now.

No cost. Mentor involvement in the program is a voluntary commitment.

  • 6 December 2023: Mentor and mentee registrations open
  • 27 February 2024: Mentor and mentee registrations close
  • 19 March 2024: Program launches (live training webinar)
  • 3 December 2024: Program concludes

A full understanding of the 9-month program, what it offers, and the time commitment required, is helpful to ensure participants are prepared to completely engage and benefit from mentoring.

During the program, Mentor and Mentees will receive regular communication and resources, including pre-program online training and frequent tips and advice.

Activity Time required

Mentees and Mentors are required to attend three online webinars:
3 hours in total. Includes:

  • Program Launch (Mar)
  • Progress Review (Aug)
  • Program Close (Dec)

Preparation and time spent in mentoring conversations and follow up communication
3-4 hours per month (Mentee)*
1-2 hours per month (Mentor)

Training, reading and workshops
4 hours in total

Program surveys
30 minutes 

*The benefits that a Mentee will gain from the program are directly related to the effort put in; this time estimate is the minimum you should expect to invest in reflecting, learning, preparing and completing any identified/agreed actions.

The program is delivered online, connecting resources professionals from across Australasia via a bespoke digital platform. Mentors and mentees are carefully matched, based on their experience and goals.

Program participants will be required to attend program live webinars and complete the training provided.

Partnership mentoring opportunities

We invite companies to partner in this sought-after program which offers significant opportunities for men and women in various stages of their career.

Through a mentoring partnership, position your company as a champion of professional development and industry excellence and align your organisation with AusIMM as the trusted voice of the mining industry. Your commitment will enhance substantial professional opportunities and demonstrate a respect and responsibility for the future of the resources sector.

Partner with us and access fantastic opportunities to support both mentors and the mentees in their careers.

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