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Expand your experience

Grow your horizons and take on new opportunities in your mining career

Expand your experience

Grow your horizons and take on new opportunities in your mining career
AusIMM offers a range of professional development and networking opportunities to help you expand your experience and take on new opportunities in the mining industry.

Join 13,000 global members

AusIMM membership is ideal for mining professionals with a degree and 5+ years industry experience. Access special rates for professional development, build new connections and be part of a dynamic professional community.

Chartered Professionals program

This professionally credentialed program provides multi-disciplinary assessment and global recognition of resources professionals working to highest standards.

Technical conferences

AusIMM delivers world class technical hybrid conferences covering all mining disciplines. Hear from world leading experts, share your knowledge, see the latest innovations and network with others in the industry.

Online courses

AusIMM offers globally recognised mining courses focusing on technical best practice. Participate in a professional certificate or short course to upskill your knowledge and develop skills to advance your career.

Share your knowledge

Grow your profile and share your knowledge to bring awareness to researchers, policy makers and the public of the technical excellence and innovative developments occurring in the mining industry.


Help advance the sector by sharing your ideas and insights on issues affecting mining professionals. Learn more about current policy and advocacy initiatives and have your say.

Communities of Interest

Become part of an AusIMM society or local branch group or even take on a volunteer leadership role. Enjoy networking and sharing knowledge with other professionals sharing common interests.

Mentoring program

Be part of AusIMM's unique mentoring program. Share your experience and industry knowledge to nurture the next generation of mining professionals. Foster new relationships and hone your leadership skills.

Reach your career goals with AusIMM

Join our global community and become an AusIMM member today. You can also sign up for our Professional Development e-newsletter.

Useful tips to expand your horizons

  • Do research: See what have others in the industry done to progress their careers.
  • Talk to a manager: Ask how they can assist you in making a change.
  • Upskill: Participate in an online short course or enrol in TAFE or university course.
  • Join a mentoring program: Gain career advice and support from a sector leader and learn from a mentor who is invested in your professional growth
  • Join an AusIMM Community of Interest group: Becoming active in an AusIMM society or local branch will expose you to new ideas and people.

How can I influence change?

Do you want to influence change either within your organisation or within the mining industry? Is there an issue within the industry that you believe needs addressing? Perhaps it’s a lack of diversity, gender inequality, etc. To make change you’ll need to be good at the following:

  • Influencing others
  • Empowering others
  • Negotiating
  • Building great relationships
  • Building trust
  • Networking
  • Understanding the bigger picture, e.g. future trends

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