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New Zealand Branch Education Endowment Trust

New Zealand Branch Education Endowment Trust

The AusIMM New Zealand Branch Education Endowment Trust (EET) provides funding for a variety of educational initiatives to attract and provide support for those studying in the New Zealand minerals industry. This includes both undergraduate and post-graduate research scholarships to successful applicants each year.

**Current Scholarship applications close 19 April 2024**

Each year the EET provides selected successful New Zealand scholarship applicants with financial support to enable them to complete their studies and embark on a successful career in the minerals industry.If you are enrolled in a New Zealand university or other relevant tertiary educational institution and are undertaking undergraduate or postgraduate science/applied science study or research related to the minerals industry, then this scholarship opportunity could be the perfect next step on your career pathway.


Tertiary Scholarships


Postgraduate scholarships of NZ$ 5,000 are for a one-year term and are normally awarded to students undertaking a Masters or PhD Degree by thesis, and are awarded in the thesis year of their study.


Undergraduate project scholarships of NZ$ 2,000 are awarded to students undertaking a Bachelors Degree with Honours and are awarded in their fourth (or Honours) project year of their study, or a suitable Postgraduate Diploma qualification.

Preference will be given to projects based in New Zealand and to Student Members of the AusIMM.


Special Awards

The most outstanding scholarship applicants each year are also eligible for consideration for one of two special awards. These special awards are only awarded in the event that there are candidates that meet the criteria, and these awards are granted at the sole discretion of the EET.


Lloyd Jones Award of NZ$ 1,000 to an outstanding candidate whose proposed study area is related to mining engineering.


Jock Braithwaite Award of NZ$ 1,000 to an outstanding candidate whose proposed study area is in the fields of mineral exploration, as well as oil/gas, alluvial gold and industrial minerals.

Other Grants

Other funding may also be provided by the EET on a discretionary basis for educational purposes such as tertiary student field trips (minerals related), presentations at AusIMM or other minerals related conferences, or other events/projects that meets the Trust selection and funding criteria.

Application Guidelines

Tertiary Scholarships

Other Grants

AusIMM Student Memberships

Undergraduate scholarship applicants can join free today,.

Meet all of our EET Scholarship Recipients

More about the EET

The New Zealand Branch Education Endowment Trust (EET) was set up with initial funding from profits of the Auckland PACRIM Congress in 1995. The EET is separate from the Education Endowment Fund (EEF) operated by the AusIMM in Australia as New Zealand students are not eligible for the Australian EEF.

As at 2022, since the EET’s inception, there have been 130 scholarships granted, with a total value of NZ$ 457,000 awarded to students studying at New Zealand universities.

The EET is governed by its 1998 Trust Deed and 2018 Deed of Variation.


Number of scholarships awarded


Total value of scholarships awarded

Make a Donation

The EET is funded from donations, and from the New Zealand Branch of the AusIMM which derives most of its income from the profits of its annual conference. The EET is registered with the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department as a charitable trust, and donations are tax deductible. Donations can be made by present and past AusIMM members, organisations involved with the New Zealand minerals sector, or the general public directly to the EET at any time. Enquiries can be addressed via email to the Trust Secretary, New Zealand Branch Education Endowment Trust.

Meet the Trustees

The EET Board of Trustees consists of members of the New Zealand Branch of the AusIMM and the current New Zealand Branch President. The EET Board of Trustees meets twice a year to discuss the Trust and its existing and new initiatives to attract new high calibre students to the mining industry.

Vivienne Bull

Trust Secretary

Graeme Fulton


Aryton Hamilton


Tony Haworth


Hamish McLauchlan

Current NZ Branch
President (ex-officio)

Dr Willo Stear


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