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Experience Melbourne

Experience Melbourne

It doesn’t get much better than one of the world’s most liveable cities.

With over 5 million square metres of open space in the City of Melbourne, there’s lots to explore! From hidden laneways to our beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens!  Melbourne also has more eateries, cafés and restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the world, bon appétit!

Eat and drink

Melbourne's eclectic dining scene offers a startling array of the world's great cuisines, from popular favourites to the truly groundbreaking.


Shopping in Melbourne always comes with added extras, with laneway discoveries and cafe culture as much a part of the experience

Historical attractions

Discover beautifully preserved goldmining towns, bushrangers lairs, and ancient burial sites testifying to the long history of Aboriginal occupation.

Family activities

Bring the kids and make the most of Victoria's interactive museums, outdoor adventures and wildlife parks.

Nature and wildlife

Take the time to explore Victoria's diverse natural landscapes and iconic wildlife while you travel.


Explore Melbourne on foot with an expert walking guide, join a bus tour or ride the City Circle.

Link tours

Your ticket to Melbourne's top wine tasting tours, private and conference tours

Trip Advisor

Explore things to do in Melbourne, including day trips, city tours, wine tastings and more!

Melbourne Touring Co

Visit some of Victoria's best wineries, soak up the spectacular scenery or enjoy our loveable wildlife.

Official Visitors Guide

Visit Victoria



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