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Keynote speaker

Keynote speaker


Rae O'Brien

Executive General Manager of Mining Excellence, Centennial


Keynote presentation
Resources today, resources tomorrow



Recently taking up the role of Executive General Manager of Mining Excellence with Centennial, Rae has 25+ years Mining Experience, including many years within site & corporate operational management, technical, business planning, risk and strategy functions. Her career has been focused on holistic management, understanding & integrating disparate functions within an operation or company - addressing key operational & technical risks, understanding key value drivers for business decisions, as well as organisational culture. She has also designed and implemented many company-wide processes, standards & practises for technical and other functions across underground and opencut operations alike.
Rae has a passion for advancing the knowledge boundaries in Mining Engineering and earth sciences - recently appointed Chairperson of the ACRL Board, having been an active committee member for several years. Her other recent roles for various companies include Mining Advisor to CEO, (Mine Site) General Manager, Director of Roadway Development, Group Manager of Technical Services.

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