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Panel discussions

Panel discussions

Hear candid conversation on the real issues at Critical Minerals 2023

Leaders from across the industry will come together to exchange ideas on four important topics in our conference panel discussions: critical minerals and SLO, the critical minerals supply chain, the role of government and technology and innovation. See below for more information on our panellists. 

Panel 1: Role of government

Day 1, Session 4

This panel discussion will focus on the role government plays in leveraging the tremendous opportunity ahead of Australia in supplying the worlds insatiable appetite for Critical Minerals.

Panel 2: Critical minerals supply chain

Day 2, Session 5

This panel discussion will examine the complexities of increasing production of critical minerals required for a global energy transition, at the same time as navigating the geopolitical complexities of diversifying supply chains for ‘friend-shoring’.

Panel 3: Technology and innovation – how will new extraction and processing technologies unlock future critical mineral deposits

Day 2, Session 8

As we navigate the complex and somewhat new landscape of critical minerals, we must harness the power of technology and innovation to secure a sustainable and diverse supply chain.

Panel 4: Critical minerals and ESG

Day 3, Session 12

Critical minerals and social licence to operate (SLO): Is ESG really important or does it just facilitate green washing?

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