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International Future Mining Conference 2024

Keynote speaker

International Future Mining Conference 2024

Keynote speaker

Dr Luke Sollitt

Branch Chief Planetary Systems, NASA/Ames Research Centre  

Dr. Sollitt is Branch Chief for Planetary Systems (Code STT) at NASA/Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, CA. STT has approximately 24 Civil Servant scientists and over 50 contractor scientists whose specialties range from lunar science to Mars, the Outer Planets, origins, Astrobiology, and even mycotecture for crewed space stations. Branch activities include modeling of planetary surfaces and atmospheres, lab work, field work and mission/instrument development.  In his planetary science work, Dr. Sollitt develops instrumentation for use on the Moon and other planets by future landed robotic missions and Artemis astronauts. Other research interests include the search for water on the Moon and other planetary bodies, properties of lunar and Martian dust and the development of astronomical instrumentation for use on suborbital platforms. A co-Investigator on NASA’s SPARTA (Soil Properties Assessment Resistance and Thermal Analysis) instrument, he leads the dielectric spectrometer development.

Dr. Sollitt has worked in industry, government and academia. He served as a Senior Research Scientist at the Planetary Science Institute concurrently working first as an Associate Professor of Physics at the Citadel, then as a Program Director for the National Science Foundation. His first job out of graduate school was as a systems engineer and space scientist at Northrop Grumman. He is a space physicist by training, earning his Masters and PhD degrees from the California Institute of Technology. Dr. Sollitt served as co-Investigator for NASA’s LCROSS lunar impactor mission, having helped to originate the mission concept during his time at Northrop Grumman.

Join us in Sydney, 2—4 September

International Future Mining Conference 2024

Danielle Martin

Co-Chief Operating Officer & Director Social Performance

Dr Hemant Chaurasia

Chief Product Officer
Fleet Space Technologies

Professor Julien Epps

UNSW Engineering  

Maki Ikeda

Head of Product Development
BHP Think & Act Differently

Rajkumar Mathiravedu

Senior Vice President
Orica Digital Solutions

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