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International Women's Day Event Series

Meet Nyadol Nyuon OAM

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AusIMM is excited to host our fifth International Women's Day Event Series in Melbourne in just 3 weeks! Celebrate the incredible accomplishments of women over a delicous lunch with drinks, and hear a powerful address by keynote speaker, Nyadol Nyuon OAM!

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Nyadol was born and raised in several refugee camps and separated from her mother at a very young age before moving to a new country to start all over again. Her story will leave audiences feeling inspired with a deeper appreciation of the challenges faced by refugees, and insight into experiences of racism and discrimination.

International Women's Day is often a time to reflect on the contributions of the past that got us here, to examine the current challenges and opportunities, and to think critically about what we can do today to shape a future that is equitable and inclusive, not just for women, but for the world.

Nyadol is passionate about Australia reflecting its diversity and works with organisations and individuals to discuss the challenges and solutions to improving cultural diversity in Australia. Nyadol's approach is to have an honest, sometimes difficult conversations, with organisations and individuals.

Melbourne audiences will leave feeling inspired in their own lives, find their voice and the passion to support causes or initiatives they believe in, and discover how to be an agent of change!

Latest: Nydaol Nyoun OAM recently spoke about the importance of International Women's Day with Grace Tame AO. Read article here.  

Saxton Speakers Bureau. Nyadol Nyuon appears by arrangement with Saxton Speakers Bureau.

Don't delay, get your tickets for AusIMM's International Women's Day Melbourne Event today and hear Nyadol's empowering keynote | 8 March, 2023

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