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Learn from standout panel as they discuss Indigenous Participation and mining

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Indigenous Participation in Life of Mine Planning – ARC Training Centre for Healing Country and CRC TiME joint panel

This thought-provoking panel will explore the landscape of emerging, diverging and convergence interests, opportunities and outcomes in Life of Mine planning.

Reflecting on Traditional Owner participation in Life of Mine planning and mine closure to date, and the on-going values of ‘Country’ and how they intersect with industry; panellists will discuss socioeconomic and ecological standpoints including Natural Capital Repair Markets, biodiversity offsets, socioeconomic benefits and, finally, the challenges we collectively face and how we can overcome these together.

Meet the standout panel:

Kia Dowell

Keynote address: Day 1, Session 1
Board Member, ARC Training Centre for Healing Country and Chairperson, Gelganyem Limited
Kia Dowell (Gija) is the Chair of Gelganyem Limited. Gelganyem manages the Sustainability Fund, Law and Culture Fund, assets under the Argyle Participation Agreement on behalf of the Traditional Owners and businesses through its investment arm with profits being reinvested into programs that benefit Traditional Owners...

Prof Stephen van Leeuwen

Centre Director, ARC Training Centre for Healing Country and BHP Indigenous Chair for Biodiversity and Environmental Science, Curtin University
Professor Stephen van Leeuwen is a botanical ecologist, research scientist, senior manager and respected Indigenous leader with strong links to Country in the Busselton and Margaret River areas of south-west Western Australia. Professor van Leeuwen builds collaborative relationships with Traditional Owners and other land managers to co-deliver novel and enduring outcomes for biodiversity conservation, bio-cultural land management, and the stewardship of Country...

Prof Fiona Haslam-McKenzie

Deputy Director, ARC Training Centre for Healing Country and CRC TiME Program Lead, Regional Economic Development
Professor Fiona Haslam McKenzie is a Winthrop Professorial Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia (UWA). She has expertise in regional economic development and political geography with extensive global experience in population and socio-economic change, housing, and analysis of remote, regional and urban socio-economic indicators...

Jim Walker

Chair, First Nations Advisory Team. CRC TiME
Jim Walker is an Aboriginal man of the Yiman and Goreng Goreng First Nations peoples of Australia. He is a lecturer within the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences within the Faculty of Science at the University of Queensland. He is also a member of the Science Advisory Committee of Earthwatch Australia and Bush Blitz, Chair of the Murri Mura Aboriginal Corporation and Board of Advice member of the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation. He has been involved in advocating for the rights of Indigenous Peoples in excess of 20 years both in Australia and internationally. He has worked within the Australian Government at executive and senior management level in Indigenous affairs and was former Manager, Office of Indigenous Engagement at CSIRO.

He has been involved in development and implementation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander policies and programs in the fields of environment protection, housing and community infrastructure, science research, social justice, education, health, economic development, Indigenous rights advocacy, and Indigenous cultural protection. Jim is the Chair, of the CRC First Nations Advisory Team

Christian Miller-Sabbioni

Research Assistant, ARC Training Centre for Healing Country and First Nations Advisory Team member, CRC TiME
Christian is a Research Assistant working on the ARC Training Centre for Healing Country. He is a Whadjuk and Ballardong Nyoongar man, currently studying Philosophy, Political Science, and International Relations at the University of Western Australia...

Experience this not-to-be missed panel discussion at AusIMM's Life of Mine Conference 2023 | Day 1
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