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Keynote Spotlight with Kwasi Ampofo

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As we near the highly anticipated Lithium, Battery, and Energy Metals Conference, we spoke with Kwasi Ampofo, Head of Metals and Mining at BloombergNEF. Kwasi offered his insights into the future of lithium and the challenges faced by the mining industry as it moves into a new era.

What message would you like to highlight to the delegates at Lithium, Battery, and Energy Metals Conference?

The mining industry is entering into a new era where metals will play a key role in the energy transition. Just like every commodity boom, there will be those that successfully ride the wave and those that don't. It is important to discover the key factors companies and investors should be looking out for in lithium.

What do you see as the next innovations and trends in the future of energy metals?

The energy transition will be the biggest demand driver for some key metals such as copper, lithium, nickel, and many others. Sustainable extraction of these minerals will be the biggest trend this decade. UQ is currently working on extracting nickel from plants with a low carbon footprint - who knows what next? Energy metals certainly has an exciting future ahead.

The supply and demand of commodities globally are growing at an exponential rate. What is the biggest challenge impacting lithium?

The biggest challenge in lithium extraction is the millions of litres of water lost in the processing of the metal. Companies are investing in new technologies to limit the water used in high water stressed environment such as the Atacama Desert.

You have had an impressive career that has seen you travel the world. What is your biggest accomplishment or achievement to date?

My biggest accomplishment has been mentoring the next generation of leaders within AusIMM at the University of Mines and Technology. Their passion filled me with a deep sense of satisfaction and a renewed hope for mining's future.

Why do you think it is important for professionals to continue their development and connect on a global scale through conferences like AusIMM’s?

Learning never stops. I have leveraged AusIMM’s resources to build my own capability over the years. In a transitioning world, no professional can afford to be left behind in terms of skills development, so attending conferences like these are critical.

What are you most looking forward to seeing at the conference?

I am looking forward to meeting with the mining community once again and sharing our stories and knowledge. My last AusIMM conference was the “Block Caving Conference” in Sydney in 2016 - That feels like a lifetime ago!

Our student members and young professionals’ network will be attending #Lithium2022, what advice do you have for students to kick start their career in mining?

Do not be afraid to travel on the road less travelled in your career choices. On those narrow and less travelled roads, you might find your greatest accomplishments. I look forward to personally engaging with as many students as I can.

Kwasi will be presenting his thought-provoking keynote presentation ‘Is Lithium the New Fool’s Gold?’ at the upcoming Lithium, Battery, and Energy Metals Conference 2022, hosted on 14-15 September in Perth and online. 

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