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Keynote speaker

Keynote speaker

John Warner

The Value Challenge

A need to think differently about the tension between consumer expectations that EV prices will fall and the lithium industry’s reward for taking risk.

Possibly never before has the resources sector been so closely connected to consumers as it is through the lithium-ion battery. With this close connection comes a once in a generation opportunity. It also brings far reaching challenges as a consequence of consumer’s expectations:

· Purity – batteries need to be safe under all conditions of use which requires that their chemical constituents contain almost zero impurity
· Sustainability - production processes should be carbon neutral
· Value - an expectation that price per unit of performance will fall with time.

Purity and sustainability will be familiar to those who have attended recent conferences about battery chemicals. Value could surprise, as few of us like to accept that prices could fall. However, this issue will become a potential source of tension between automakers eager to attract consumers and lithium suppliers keen to be rewarded for taking risks.

How the lithium supply industry could help reconcile this tension is the subject of this keynote address. The scale of the growth which is envisaged and the need to think differently as source of energy rather than an industrial raw material calls for a different approach.

Dr John Warner

Managing Director of JordProxa

John Warner has helped steer JordProxa's growth from a start-up in 2018 to becoming a major supplier of crystallisers to the battery chemical market. John currently lives and works in Perth.

Prior to the formation of JordProxa he has designed and sold process plant and equipment, much of it in modular form, to leading global companies. Many of these sales introduced new products into JordProxa's portfolio.

He has worked extensively on clean air and clean water projects in both the research and corporate sectors in Australia, USA, Korea, India and Chile. These projects have included the application of evaporation and crystallisation technology to achieve zero liquid discharge solutions.

Before moving to Perth, Dr Warner lived and worked for Jord in Houston USA for two years and Dubai UAE for nearly three years. Earlier in his career he led a research team at CSIRO that was a recipient of the Chairman's Award in 1998. He holds a B Chem Eng ( 1st class) and PhD from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

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