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Dhaniel Carvalho

Principal Resource Geologist, Australian Assets, Glencore

Dhaniel Carvalho is the Principal Resource Geologist for Glencore in Australia, focused on 4 word-class mines: Mount Isa Cu and Pb-Zn mines and McArthur River Mine. With 11 years of experience with mineral resources evaluation, geological modeling and geostatistics he brings comprehensive experience in gold, zinc, lead, copper, and polymetallic deposits.

He has advanced knowledge in geological modeling and mineral resources evaluation using classical and advanced geostatistical methods, construction of complex geological, and vast expertise with different commercial software and python scripting. With resource modeling experiences in Brazil, Canada, Peru, Australia, Kazakhstan, and Namibia, Dhaniel was responsible for preparation of mineral resources reports under the JORC and NI 43-101 guidelines, reconciliation of mineral resources and resources sign-off.

Dhaniel recently pursued a master’s degree in Mining Engineering and Geostatistics at the University of Alberta, with focus on probabilistic resource estimation (geometry and grade simulation), under supervision of Dr. Clayton Deutsch. This experience developed not only his geostatistical knowledge but also the scripting skills required for building automation tools for a range of interesting resource modeling problems. He is currently based in Brisbane, Australia.

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