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Keynote speaker

Keynote speaker


Dr Isobel Clark

Director and Consulting Engineer, Geostokos Limited


Keynote presentation: Half a century of Geostatistics and other stories

After 50 years of teaching and consultancy in the field of resource and reserve estimation, Isobel's ongoing mission is to aid practitioners of applied statistics and geostatistics to best assess, interpret and estimate from their own data in their own area of expertise.

In 1982, Geostokos Limited was born at a party on Hogmanay. Since then, Isobel has consulted and/or taught on most continents in minerals ranging from coal to diamonds. Geostokos Limited is a small independent company providing expertise and training worldwide, and has released a series of books, software, teaching aids, case studies and short courses are aimed at practitioners.

Isobel is the author of the introductory text Practical Geostatistics 1979, Isobel alongside Bill Harper has published a more complete textbook Practical Geostatistics 2000 which is available as hypertext on CD and as a hardcopy book.

As Isobel approaches the twilight period of her career, her mission is to spread as much light (as is humanly possible) into the black-box world of spatial estimation processes.

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