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Panellist Ashleigh Morris prepares to shares her wealth of knowledge on the Circular Economy

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We are excited to have Circular Economy expert Ashleigh Morris, join the panel to share her perspectives in the final webinar of AusIMM's Thought Leadership Series.

Globally recognised for her circular economy leadership, Ashleigh is the CEO and Co-Founder of Coreo, a member of the AusIMM ESG Advisory Council, and a responsible mining expert with working groups for the Initiative for IRMA Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance and The Copper Mark Chain of Custody.

She holds advisory roles across mining, textiles and renewable fuels industries, and serves on the board of the Australian Circular Economy Hub.

"Bringing my perspectives to the table, I want to unpack a new network governance approach that can support circularity, maturity in organisations and between organisations. I am really also excited to join the dialogue to unpack how circularity is fundamental to the energy transition here in Australia." 

AusIMM's global community can watch the Thought Leadership Series online and on-demand for free.
Register today for your free access link, with our final webinar on the Circluar Economy launching 3 November 2023, featuring Ashleigh Morris as a panellist.

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