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Educating the future workforce with CoRE science

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In the first instalment of AusIMM's Thought Leadership Series, we are thrilled to have Suzy Urbaniak, Founder of the CoRE Learning Foundation join the Future Workforce panel. 

Suzy established the CoRE Learning Foundation in 2019, a non-for-profit that is responsible for overseeing the CoRE Learning Model throughout Western Australia, with national expanision underway. The CoRE Learning Model is grounded in the provision of relevant and purposeful education pathways to serve in meaningful careers for our burgeoning resources industry. 

Starting at the primary level and moving through to secondary, CoRE encourages and empowers students to explore STEM education through their Gamifying Earth Sciences Initiative and CoRE Learning Model. This innovative framework furthers student education and prepares them for tertiary training, university or VET. This effectively contributes to an increase in STEM alumni working across industry.

Suzy and her dedicated team will be hosting a not-to-be-missed event on Future Proofing Your Workforce: A CoRE Investment Event that may be of interest to our Thought Leadership delegates.

Scheduled to take place on Thursday, May 18th, at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, this free event will feature industry leaders, educators, Alumni, Members, CoRE Sponsors and Partners to share valuable insights, practical strategies, and innovative solutions to help businesses future-proof their workforce.

Topics covered will include:

● How investing will contribute to new talent in Earth Sciences through CoRE’s Gamifying Earth Science Learning initiative
● Skills and knowledge that will be critical for success in the future workplace
● Accessibility plan for real-world learning through field trips, on-site visits, and project-based learning
● Our Grad Program for sponsors where they can interact with students through mentorship, volunteering, and school project engagement
● Building a diverse and inclusive workforce that can thrive in a globalized economy. Future-Proofing Your Workforce is a must-attend event for industry leaders, HR professionals, and individuals interested in staying ahead of the curve. The resource industry and the jobs within it are changing through constant technological innovation, and CoRE is preparing the industry’s future workforce with the skills needed for this shift.

This event is open to interested parties who wish to engage and network with industry experts while gaining awareness of STEM learning relevant and applicable to real-world STEM careers. During the event, CoRE will showcase our Gamifying Earth Science Initiative, where attendees are encouraged to test out our Earth Science games that support resource industry incursion.

Tickets for Future-Proofing Your Workforce: A CoRE Investment Event are available now on Eventbrite here

Don't miss this opportunity to invest in your business's future by expanding diversity and inclusivity in your workforce and ensuring employees are equipped with the STEM skills needed for the future industry 5.0.

For more information, please visit or contact Jacobi Herringer, Executive Partnerships Officer, CoRE Learning Foundation.
Phone: 0434548783


We look forward for Suzy to join our Thought Leadership panel and have a robust and honest conversation about the Future of our Workforce. 
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