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Nurturing Future Generations Appreciation for our Industry

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In a world driven by technological advancements and evolving industries, it is imperative to prepare the younger generation for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

AusIMM's recent Thought Leadership Series webinar on 'The Future Workforce’ in Resources' sheds light on a crucial challenge: the lack of early awareness among future generations and young individuals regarding the mining and resources sector and its significance to society.

The responsibility of educating and engaging the younger generation falls on a collective effort, involving industry leaders, educators, and society as a whole. To instil a genuine understanding and appreciation for the mining and resources industry, it is vital to not only convey its importance but also ignite a sense of pride and connection.

AusIMM, at the forefront of addressing this challenge, has introduced a valuable tool – the self-paced online course, "Breaking the Surface: An Introduction to the Resources Sector." This interactive course serves as a bridge, catering to individuals with non-mining backgrounds and guiding them through the intricate cycle of mining.

The course doesn't merely scratch the surface; it delves into the comprehensive panorama of the resources sector in Australia. It navigates the journey of a mine, covering exploration, planning, development, extraction, and production, and furthermore emphasises the significance of responsible mine closure, rehabilitation, and regeneration, underlining the industry's commitment to sustainability.

AusIMM's Breaking the Surface course holds tremendous promise for various groups. Professionals and technicians transitioning from adjacent industries can find a solid foundation here. Graduates, regardless of their field, stepping into the resources sector can gain an insightful overview. Most importantly, it welcomes anyone with an interest in exploring roles within the resources sector, providing an avenue to grasp its complexities.

In a world characterised by ever-evolving industries, it is pivotal to equip the younger generation with knowledge and appreciation for sectors that drive our economies. AusIMM's proactive efforts through the Thought Leadership Series and its comprehensive online courses are a testament to their commitment to bridge the knowledge gap and inspire a new generation to embrace, value, and contribute to the mining and resources sector. Through collective initiatives and platforms like these, we can shape a workforce that not only understands but takes pride in sustaining this vital industry.

If you missed the Thought Leadership Series 2023 Future Workforce webinar, register for free today to stream it. Please note all webinar links will land in your inbox on Fridays. 

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