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Have your say: Which critical mineral deserves the spotlight?

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In an era of rapid technological advancements and growing global demand for sustainable solutions, the spotlight on critical minerals has never been more crucial.

As industries evolve and our reliance on various materials deepens, one cannot help but ponder: among the crucial contenders of copper, aluminum, nickel, and magnesium, which mineral truly deserves the spotlight?

In our next webinar launching 8 September, we will delve into Critical Minerals and the complexities and opportunities surrounding these essential resources. 

To help shape the conversation, our expert panellist Kyrstle Dobson wants to know your thoughts on the mineral we as an inudstry should be spending more time on, or if another unsung hero might warrant its own moment in the limelight.

Vote below and have your say.
Which of the following minerals should we be spending more time talking about as part of our Critical Minerals Strategy?

We are thrilled to have Veracio sponsor AusIMM's Thought Leadership Series 2023, where their very own Krystle Dobson will be joining the thought leading panel.

Register for for free today to access the Critical Minerals webinar online from 8 September 2023, or ask Kyrstle a questions ahead of the panel discussion to help shape the conversation. 

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