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Top tips for new professionals in mining

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For those considering a career in mining, or those who have just graduated and are about to start their first job on site, we’ve collated the best advice and inspiration from our AusIMM Bulletin profiles of those who have ‘been there, done that’ and built highly successful careers in the sector.

Melanie McCarthy

Professional mentor and former General Manager, Mandalay Resources Costerfield Operations

Melanie is keen to encourage all young people to consider the sector.

‘It is such a fantastic industry to be part of. Fast-paced adventure, amazing technology and really awesome people – which is a major part of the appeal for me – and then there’s the travel aspect. Being able to see the world as part of an exciting career is what the industry provides.

‘People these days are more likely to want a job that makes a difference and that is what we do. We help make the changes that make a place more liveable, more prosperous.

‘Society just wouldn’t function properly without us,’ she says with a laugh, ‘and it’s also heaps of fun. I’m still having fun and that’s why I am still involved.’

Sandeep Biswas

MD and CEO of Newcrest Mining

Throughout his career, Sandeep says he has benefitted from his membership of AusIMM and similar organisations overseas, and he is now actively paying it forward.

‘I think that’s an important part of AusIMM functions, that they put young people together with more experienced people. That networking and coaching – it’s not official coaching but it is what happens – is really important.

Julie Shuttleworth

Deputy CEO, Fortescue Metals Group

Julie is often asked for advice about getting into the resources sector, and says the most important thing for young people is to understand the broad range of opportunities available and choose something they find interesting and enjoyable.

Julie’s own decision-making process was very proactive. She went to science summer school during school holidays, did some seriously in-depth research on careers and courses, and used university holidays to get work experience, something she insists is vital.

‘This was key in giving me an early understanding of what the mining industry was about. It made me realise, “yeah, I really love this and I want to keep doing it”.’

Elizabeth Croft

Dean, Faculty of Engineering at Monash University

Elizabeth suggests people considering work in the mining and resources sector should embrace its cyclical and global nature and take advantage of the opportunities it can provide, especially if they are new to the industry.

‘There is so much opportunity. It is a fantastic opportunity to travel, and I think getting experiences in other countries’ resources industries is amazing. Australia’s mining and resources professionals are respected worldwide, especially for their safety and productivity, so I always encourage people to take the opportunities and get experience in other countries.’

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