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Australia’s top commodities

Australia’s top commodities

Australia is a world-leader in producing and exporting a variety of metals and minerals including coal, iron ore, gold, lithium, uranium and bauxite.

Australia is also known for producing top base metals including copper, nickel and zinc along with manganese, antimony, silver, cobalt, and tin with lead, diamonds and rare earth elements also mined.

Iron ore

Iron ore is Australia’s top export. Australia produces low cost, high grade iron ore with our biggest iron ore deposits located in Western Australia. Leading global mining companies such as BHP, Rio Tinto and Fortescue Metals contribute significant amount of revenue to the Federal Government due to taxes and royalties from iron ore exports.


Australia is the world’s largest exporter of coal. Coal exports drive our economy and is a leading resource in energy, cement and steel making. Australian coal is mined efficiently and effectively with reduced emissions compared to international suppliers. The Peak Downs coal mine is Australia’s biggest coal mine, located in the Bowen Basin of central Queensland. 


Australia’s abundance of gold resources makes our country a prominent focus in the world’s growing demand. With our biggest gold mines located in Western Australia, the Boddington Gold Mine and Kalgoorlie Super Pit, Australia also has the world’s largest economic demonstrated gold resources and will continue to be a key global supplier.


Australia is the world’s third largest producer of uranium and home to the world’s largest deposit of uranium at BHP’s Olympic Dam in South Australia. Australia exports uranium across the globe to countries who agree to use the resource for peaceful purposes only. Australia’s uranium supplies fuel for affordable, zero emission electricity to people across the globe.

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