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AusIMM launches inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan

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AusIMM is pleased to announce our inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), a key milestone on our reconciliation journey as we strive to build unity and respect between First Nations peoples and non-Indigenous peoples.

"Reflective Connectedness" by Sarah Richards.

In continuing our reconciliation journey, AusIMM is striving to ensure people working and pursuing careers in resources are knowledgeable and supported in their ambition to reconcile the past and work towards a shared future with First Nations peoples across the globe. AusIMM’s journey also recognises the strong interface the resources industry already has with First Nations peoples when it comes to careers, communities and the land.

This RAP reflects our fundamental role as a professional association in supporting and advocating for all people in the resources sector, working to advance the industry for the benefit of the community. The RAP marks an opportunity for our organisation to convey appreciation of the strength of First Nation Peoples, cultures and histories and their role in the global resources industry.

As we embark on our formal reconciliation journey, we will continue to explore how our organisation can facilitate honest and safe truth telling. We will also continue to ensure alignment with many of the reconciliation activities and initiatives being championed already by our members and Communities of Interest.

We will undertake to define our vision for reconciliation over the next 12 months as we lay the foundations within our organisation to advance reconciliation. As a first step in this process, AusIMM will be reflecting on our own organisational practices, while engaging our membership in a broader consultation, encouraging unity in our drive to learn and change.

AusIMM’s inaugural RAP is an important step in our reconciliation journey, though neither the first nor the last. The expertise, perspectives and knowledge of our diverse membership are what underpins this RAP, which we have developed with the guidance of Reconciliation Australia and representatives from our membership.

Many members have played an important role in the formation of this inaugural RAP. From the organisation’s Social and Environment Society who first called for this journey at AusIMM Congress, to the industry representatives who volunteered as part of our RAP working group; the commencement of our formal journey is the result of diverse and committed contributors. 

Find out more about AusIMM’s Reconciliation Action Plan

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