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AusIMM provides input to National Curriculum Review

Harry Turner Government Relations Adviser, AusIMM
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AusIMM last week wrote to the head of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) regarding proposed changes to Australia’s primary and secondary curriculum.

ACARA is currently undertaking a review of the Australian curriculum, which proposes changes to the way earth sciences and other STEM subjects are taught in Australian schools.

The strength and global position of the Australian resources sector is built on its status as a hub of scientific, technological, and professional innovation. Our sector plays a fundamental role in the expansion and application of Australian digital, scientific, ethical, intercultural, and environmental capability.

This contribution will continue well into the future as our sector delivers critical minerals for the global renewable energy transition, technological advancement, and social and economic prosperity worldwide.

AusIMM believe it is vital that young Australians are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to pursue the breadth of career opportunities that exist within the resources sector, particularly across the STEM fields.

A sound sciences education, including resources, is essential in ensuring young Australians have access to future career opportunities in our sector. Sciences knowledge also drives community awareness, understanding and informed support for the role of resources within contemporary society.

We encourage members to learn more about the proposed changes and read AusIMM’s letter to ACARA here.

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