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AusIMM submission on advancing Australia’s geostrategic interests

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AusIMM are pleased to share a submission made to the Australian Senate’s Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Reference Committee regarding opportunities to advance Australia’s strategic interests through existing regional architecture.

The submission has been developed with insights from our trusted members and focuses on the role and opportunities to advance Australia’s interests through the resources sector and its professionals.

The submission makes recommendations across the following areas:

  • Standards Leadership: Deepen regional engagement through Australia's global leading professional standards and best practice frameworks.
  • Investment: Facilitate investment through major regional conferences and forums, to support continued innovation and expand downstream opportunities.
  • Regional Partnerships: Support the uptake of Australian resources processing, technology, automation, and capabilities in partnership with AusIMM as the peak body for resources professionals within the Australasian region. 
  • Social Responsibility and Performance: Advance geostrategic leadership by championing adoption of Australian Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) frameworks, competencies, and training.
  • Future Workforce: Augment existing regional partnerships to support skills development, professional mobility, and workforce sustainability in the region.
  • Strategic Focus: Engage Australian professional expertise in the development of a strategic White Paper series on priority areas including critical minerals.
  • Disaster Management: Maintain an expert disaster management taskforce comprised of Australian resources sector professionals and experts, that is deployable to support the prevention and response efforts in regional disasters.

AusIMM relay our sincere thanks to members who contributed to the submission, which is available here.

We look forward to continuing our engagement with the Senate Committee, as part of our broader work with the Federal Government.

You can learn more about our government engagement and policy advocacy by visiting our website, or reaching out to the Trusted Voice Team via

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