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Automatic mutual recognition for resources professionals

Harry Turner Government Relations Adviser, AusIMM
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Federal and State Governments have for some time been pursuing reforms to implement a scheme for the automatic mutual recognition of occupational registration (AMR Scheme) across state borders.

AusIMM are committed to supporting the professional recognition and mobility of resources professionals in both traditional and established disciplines. A cohesive legislative framework is important to ensure our sector has access to the skilled workforce it needs to continue operating to the highest standards of professionals, technical and ethical practice.

Reflecting this commitment, we are pleased to have worked with Government to develop Mutual Recognition Amendment Bill 2021, which was passed by the Commonwealth Parliament earlier this year and commenced in NSW, Victoria, ACT and NT on 1 July 2021. Other states are expected to progressively enter the AMR Scheme, pending legislation.

You can view a copy of AusIMM’s submission on the AMR Scheme here.

Effective implementation of the AMR Scheme is dependant on the collaboration and coordination of all levels of governments. This is particularly true for professionals working within the resources sector, where registration requirements and underlying regulatory regimes vary significantly across state borders.

As we continue to work with our partners in government, AusIMM encourage members to learn more about the recent reforms by visiting the page here and reaching out to the Policy Team via

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