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Digital transformation enablers in the minerals processing industry

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There have been radical changes in digital technology over the last few years, with the wide deployment of AI and the increasing use of cloud, edge and smart sensing technologies.

It’s in the best interest of the resources industry to harness this new technology to connect field devices, apply efficient control strategies and improve operator effectiveness.

Control systems are the nerve centre of a minerals processing operation and a key conduit to digital transformation. Connecting traditional control system to the cloud opens new possibilities through the integration of real-time plant data with cloud-based AI platforms, changing the way business is done.

Once the basics are in place, the power of AI can be leveraged to bring significant benefits to the process. This is achieved by applying machine learning techniques that have become established in other businesses (such as social media and finance).

David Walker, Chief Engineer at Yokogawa Australia, and facilitator of AusIMM’s new masterclass Field to Cloud, has extensive experience in control systems across a wide range of technologies and industries. David has worked in many aspects of the business including engineering management, systems engineering, project management, training, and research and development.

“Systems and process engineers and production management will be particularly interested in this masterclass, as it provides a detailed overview of control systems as they are now, and how they can be leveraged to make use of modern cloud-based analytical systems,” said David.

The masterclass discusses the rapid developments in control systems along with how they are becoming digital transformation enablers in the minerals processing industry.

Join the five-week masterclass (one week break during Mill Operators Conference 2021) to learn about the role control systems play in the transformation of your business. The masterclass commences on 12 July. Find out more >

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