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Seeking expressions of interest for Chartered Professional Assessors


Following a recent increase in new CP and RPEQ applications, the Chartered Professional Program Committee (CPPC) is seeking expressions of interest from experienced CPs to become assessors for CP and RPEQ applications and PD Practice Reviews.

Assessors no longer work on a volunteer basis, and are now reimbursed with a nominal fee to cover some of their costs. The Assessors work with the CPPC and the Registrar to complete the assessment and audit programs in a timely manner.

Assessors need to have at least 5 years’ experience as a CP and have a genuine interest and available time for the assessment tasks. New Assessors will receive training and undertake trial assessments to ensure capability prior to being approved.

We are seeking Assessors in all relevant CP disciplines, however we are particularly interested in potential Assessors in the Mining and Geotechnical categories, especially those people with RPEQ credentials.

Further details and application form are available here.

Please send your expressions of interest including up-to-date CV to John Theodoulou at

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