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Getting the most out of your online course experience

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AusIMM is committed to providing world class professional development content to our mining community. With our wide range of globally recognised online mining courses, professional certificates, short courses and digital masterclasses, AusIMM shapes careers by offering year-round opportunities to help you achieve your career goals.

In this article, we show you how to get the most out of your online course experience. These handy tips will enrich your learning and make reaching those career goals a little bit easier.

Find a course that aligns with your goals

Make sure you research the online courses that are available and relevant to you. Perhaps there’s a course that is facilitated by someone you admire, or has forged a career path that you would like to follow. To help you decide, you could note down key presenters or facilitators you’d like to network with, and also various themes relevant to your career. These are great starting points in finding an online course that suits you.

Become tech savvy

Most online courses require a basic level of technological understanding. It is a great idea to get ahead of the game and become familiar with the interface, software or tools required for the online course before it starts. You can also reach out to the course team to ask questions about the platform if you’re not sure how something works.

Participate in online discussions

A huge part of online learning is being present in virtual classroom discussions. This is invaluable to your learning, and is a great way to build networks online. Online networking may seem daunting, but this new way of connecting can help you build relationships with people all over the world. Make sure to include links to your LinkedIn profile or website when networking online.

Have a dedicated study space

Perhaps you are learning online from home or on site. Wherever you are, take the time to set up a dedicated study area to give yourself a specific environment of focus and routine for online study. You can decorate the space with calendar reminders, inspirational quotes and of course, have your favourite food or drink close to hand.

Identify your learning objectives and goals

Along with having a strong long-term career goal, you can also develop smaller goals for the online course. It might be to connect with a mentor, seek clarification on a specific technical question or enhance an existing skill. Whatever your long-term career goal may be, find three goals for the duration of the course. Keep a log of how your goals are tracking throughout the course, as it is very rewarding to tick goals off a list as you achieve them.

Take study breaks

Make sure you take breaks during the online course: stretch your legs, stay hydrated or step outside for a minute. All these activities can help to refresh your mind so you are ready for the next learning session.


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