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Getting value out of your social media at conferences and events

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Networking in person is a huge part of any conference or event, but what about networking and building your connections online? Social media is a brilliant way to stay connected and build professional relationships within the industry. Best of all, the majority of social media is free, accessible and can let you gain a high level of engagement when used correctly.

This article will give you a crash course on how to optimise your posts on LinkedIn, the star player when it comes to building and maintaining online professional networks. Discover how to enhance your engagement and get more out of your AusIMM conference experience with these quick LinkedIn tips!

Post your experience

Posting on LinkedIn is simple and quick, but if you take some extra time to properly craft your message, you can start to see big improvements in the reach and impact of your post.

When developing an idea for a post at a conference, think about what you are looking to get out of the conference, what your organisation brings to the table, and who you want to connect with. Aim to post something relevant, engaging, and unique.

For example, you might want to share your thoughts on an engaging keynote presentation you just attended, or comment on the fantastic range of companies who are presenting at the exhibition. Both of these could be opportunities to tag specific individuals or companies.

A great place to start is to draft some copy (about 150 words) on what you want to share. In this copy you could tag the name of your organisation or other industry professionals, which will help expand the reach of the post.

Along with text you need some multimedia, as visuals work wonders on LinkedIn. Posts with video receive on average three times more engagement than text posts. Users want to see something eye catching.

Finally, remember you are posting to a professional network. It is important to take care when creating your content and tailor your media to match the platform. Would you present this content to your boss at a meeting? If the answer is no, think about what you need to change to ensure that you feel confident with your post.

Use hashtags effectively

Hashtags are a brilliant way to join a conversation and continue interacting with other delegates at the conference. By using hashtags, your post can be found with a simple search, rather than get lost in the incredible amount of posts LinkedIn pushes out daily. Every AusIMM conference includes a conference hashtag – eg #UGOPS2021, #LOM2021 etc.

Get on board and use the hashtag every time you post about the conference on LinkedIn. You can also search for the hashtag on LinkedIn and interact with other tagged posts; this is an awesome way to start your online networking.

Expand your network

When making a new connection at a conference, why not ask if you can connect on LinkedIn? This takes the old business card swap out of the picture and allows for an immediate connection online. Once the conference is over, you can continue to engage with your new connections and develop a professional rapport that could build both your careers.


We hope you found these social media tips useful and look forward to seeing your engaging posts online at our next conference or event!

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